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What is Chip-locked? It's a brand new disc golf game that levels the playing field, allowing everyone to compete on an equal footing. With each throw, putt, and score, players have the opportunity to earn valuable chips while avoiding the bad ones. Every hole presents a chance to earn new chips or strategically take them away from your opponents, ensuring that a thrilling comeback is always just a hole away!

Imagine the joy of playing with friends or family, with each shot becoming a thrilling moment as you vie for control of the good chips and watch your opponents bear the weight of a bad chip. No longer will you need to throw shots that are irrelevant to the game or play from impossible spots. With Chip-locked, every throw is infused with excitement and strategy, making your round of disc golf an unforgettable experience.

Chip-locked is designed to foster competitive play between players of varying experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, you can still engage in fierce competition and experience the satisfaction of giving your opponent the Tree chip after their drive hits a tree, or taking the Big Putter chip from them when you nail a long putt. No lead is too big, no pit is too deep, as every player has a chance to orchestrate a miraculous comeback.

Each set of Chip-locked comes with a convenient drawstring bag containing 18 chips and a quick reference card that has a brief description for how each chip is earned. For the most up-to-date information, including different ways to play and detailed explanations of the chips, you can always visit our website at

Don't settle for an ordinary round of disc golf. Throw more fun into your round with Chip-locked! Challenge your friends and experience the thrill of competitive disc golf like never before. Get your Chip-locked set today and unlock a whole new dimension of excitement on the course!


  • THROW MORE FUN INTO A ROUND OF DISC GOLF - Playing a round of disc golf is great but playing it with Chip-locked in your bag is more fun! No need to throw shots that you'll never use or play from impossible spots. Excitement is added to almost every throw as you vie for control of the good chips and watch your opponents take the burden of a bad chip from you.
  • COMPETITIVE PLAY BETWEEN PLAYERS OF VARYING EXPERIENCE LEVELS - players of different skill levels can still compete! Experience the satisfaction of giving the Tree chip to your opponent after their drive hits a tree or taking the Big Putter chip from them when you nail your long putt.
  • Supports Any Number of Players
  • Multiple Ways to Play

Chip-Locked Disc Golf Game

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