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This game offers an exciting way to track your progress throughout your disc golf season. With Chip-locked Season Badges, you can showcase your achievements and progress, both good and bad. These velcro-backed badges can be attached to your bag as you earn them during gameplay, allowing everyone to see the highlights and lowlights of your season. Get your hands on this game and take your disc golf experience to the next level! This pack includes 6 Velcro-Backed 2" Embroidered badges!

Ways to Play Season Badges

Solo Season - It's time to clean house! Remove all of your Chip-locked Season Badges from last year and start fresh. Add each badge as you earn it and try to complete the whole pack before the season ends. Let's hope your bag doesn't get too heavy!

Friends Season - Let the games begin! Start by removing all of yours and your friend's Chip-locked Season Badges at the beginning of the season. As you play, add the badges you earn to your bag if you don't currently have them. If a friend you're playing with has the badge you just earned, they have to surrender it. It's like a game of keep away but with badges. To win the Friends Season, you'll need to have the most good badges (minus your bad ones, of course).

Sprint Season - Ready. Set. Go! Be the first of your friends to earn all the good badges and you win, but if you earn a bad badge then you have to remove any good badges currently on your bag and start over. Don't be too bummed though because once you earned a bad badge you don't have to worry about it anymore!

How to earn each badge

Bounty Birdie Badge - earned by getting a birdie on the hardest hole in your area

Chip-locked Champ Badge - earned by winning a round of Chip-locked in a group of 4 or more players

First Available Badge - earned by hitting something less than 30ft off the tee

Lost Disc Badge - earned by losing a disc anywhere but in water

Par-mageddon Badge - earned by having a round of pars only

Turkey Badge - earned by getting 3 birdies in a row during a round

Chip-Locked Season Badges - Beginner Pack - 6 Badges

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