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Corey Ellis goes with his (and many others) long-time favorite Force as his TS disc! If you're looking for a dependable driver in any conditions you're in the right place! Far flying with a reliable fade out of the box, these beat in to become max distance drivers! A great choice for a disc cycling pro like Ellis!


On your marks, get set, gone. Slow and steady won't win the race to the 2024 Tour Series Force!


Here's what Discraft says about the 2024 Tour Series Force:

This is the Corey Ellis Tour Series bottom stamp Force, his signature disc for the 2024 Season! 

If you're throwing hard for maximum distance, reach for the high performance Force. This is Discraft's fastest overstable driver, with a wide rim and jaw-dropping glide that delivers a new level of distance potential.  It's overstable and intended for experienced players who throw with power. 


Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 3, Stability 2.0


About the plastic: For the past two years, the Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic has been the talk of the town. Featured at numerous tournaments and in limited special runs, it has been hailed for its unique feel and performance. It is a blend of Jawbreaker into the standard Z FLX plastic, giving an extremely unique and swirly effect, as well as incredibly rubbery/tacky grip. These are durable, premium and beautiful! A unique opportunity not to be missed.

Discraft - Corey Ellis Jawbreaker Z FLX TS 2024 - Force

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