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The Banzai is said to be the overstable counterpart to the popular Pipeline. (Both disc names are derived from the iconic Hawaiian surf break, the Banzai Pipeline.) The Banzai is a fairway driver with speed, glide, and the stability you need in a trustworthy disc. This disc has a very straight flight with a predictable fade at the end. Perfect for backhand or forehand drivers, this disc will do it all!


Flight Numbers: 8 |4 | 0 | 3


DGA Proline


Hardy and long-lasting with a tacky grip, the PL blend from DGA is one of two premium plastics offered by the manufacturer. PL discs will beat-in faster than the other premium blend (SP), but still will hold the intended flight characteristics well into the disc’s life. Durability and enhanced grip are the calling cards of PL plastic.


This blend is the same as PL in terms of everything but appearance. The multicolored swirl pattern within the plastic makes it gorgeous to look at which is why this blend was used for Team DGA’s 2022 Tour Series discs.

DGA - Limited Edition Proline Swirl - Banzai

  • Discounted due to slightly damaged foil. Disc is in great shape, just foil. 

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