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The legend returns! What started as somewhat of an inside joke has officially become a reality with the last installment of the Roaming Thunder in the form of none other than Retired Thunder. Don’t let the coconut and the beach chair fool you, though, Dana whoops our staff up and down the course with ease to this day and don’t you dare challenge him to a game of knockout on the court.

Note: This disc won’t grant you the usual senior discounts like Dana gets at IHOP or Applebees but you can certainly give it a shot!

CD1 is back with a reinvented name in our grippy and durable S-Line plastic. Formerly known as CD2, we’ve brought the mold back to the spotlight based on popular demand. The letters “CD” in the name stand for Control Driver, putting the player in the driver’s seat and allowing you full control to manipulate and style the disc exactly how you want it to. CD1 makes for a great first distance driver for less powerful or skilled players and an incredibly useful disc for experts, too. Those with a bit more arm speed will find that this disc often will compete for distance with even their fastest drivers, yet the execution feels more effortless and controlled.

CD1 handles just about any wind condition with ease but is most well suited for tailwinds and calmer weather. Players will notice that the CD1 has the tendency to fly similarly to a well seasoned PD, giving you the right amount of glide and shot shaping options but will always maintain enough stability to end with a smooth low speed fade in the end. If you only had one disc to play a round with, this disc would be an excellent choice.


Flight Ratings: Speed: 9, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 2


About the plastic: Discmania’s S-Line has excellent grip in all weather conditions and good durability. Discs in this plastic won’t drastically change in flight after colliding with a few trees. This is the swirliest and prettiest plastic that Discmania makes of their stock runs.

Discmania S-Line (Retired Thunder - April Jewels) - CD1

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