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The Discraft Swarm is Discraft's newest approved disc in April 2024, and promises to be another great addition to the midrange & approach disc line-up. This looks to be a faster Zone, perhaps something equivalent to the Axiom Pyro. 


We have the Discraft Swarm for sale here at DGD in a sweet special edition run! These Jawbreaker Z FLX Swarms were made in commemoration of Andrew Presnell's stellar performance at the PDGA Champions Cup! If you enjoyed watching Andrew shred pick one of these new discs up to support his touring efforts!


It's hard to say exactly just how the Swarm will slot into Discraft's lineup, but there are some clues to go on. Firstly the flat top makes it ideal for sidearms! Similar discs like the Buzzz OS and the Malta have a little dome on the flight plate. The swarm is shallow, flat, and a warrior in the wind! 


We expect the Discraft Swarm to fly much like a Zone or Zone OS, just slightly faster.  Anthony Barela explained it to be a Captain's Raptor, Zone, and Zone OS all rolled into one! 


If you're looking to throw technical forehand and backhand flexes, meathooks, and controlled shots in a tornado the Swarm is practically in your bag already!


We also have noticed the Swarm to be fast on impact with the ground. You could well have an extra 15 feet of skip at the end of your shots, although the Jawbreaker Z FLX Swarms should be a little grippier!


Celebrate Andrew Presnell's promotion to the Elite Team with the release of the 2024 Tour Series Swarm! This release marks a historic moment as it's the first mid-season promotion to the Elite Team, a testament to Presnell's exceptional performance and his recent victory at the 2024 PDGA Champions Cup. The Swarm was chosen by Presnell for its versatility and reliability on the course.

This disc is designed to meet the high standards of elite players and is perfect for those looking to elevate their game to champion levels.


Grab yours today and help celebrate Andrew Presnell’s move to Discraft’s Elite Team!

Discraft Swarm Flight Numbers


Speed 5, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 4, Stability 2.3


About the plastic: For the past two years, the Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic has been the talk of the town. Featured at numerous tournaments and in limited special runs, it has been hailed for its unique feel and performance. It is a blend of Jawbreaker into the standard Z FLX plastic, giving an extremely unique and swirly effect, as well as incredibly rubbery/tacky grip. These are durable, premium and beautiful! A unique opportunity not to be missed.

Discraft - Andrew Presnell TS 24 Jawbreaker Z FLX - Swarm

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