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Celebrate Anthony Barela's start of the season with the exclusive 3-Headed Colorshift Venom! This special edition disc not only showcases a stunning color-shifting flare but also features a unique three-headed snake logo, symbolizing Barela’s impressive victories at the Invitational, Texas State Disc Golf Championship, and Jonesboro Open.


The Venom, a disc known for its reliable performance and trusted by Barela himself, makes this a must-have for any serious player or collector. Its exceptional design combines aesthetic appeal with championship-grade functionality, making it a standout piece in any disc golf arsenal.


This entirely retooled disc is here to stay. That’s Discraft took everything that works (and nothing that doesn’t) about the previous Venom to bring you a reimagined, consistent, overstable maximum distance driver. Fulfilling a need in many players' bags, this addition to our stock lineup will become a favorite amongst power throwers and those looking for a reliable distance driver.


A very overstable disc that is great for throwing into the wind. Recommended for those with a big arm speed and great for overhand or forehand shots. The high speed will help you throw long distances just like a snake reaching out for it's meal!


Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 4


About the plastic: This is the beautiful ColorShift blend with ESP, unique to this run for AB's incredible wins. This has the ColorShift that reflects light in a bunch of different ways!

Discraft - Anthony Barela Colorshift (3-Headed) - Venom

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