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The third disc is here in the Paige Pierce line-up, the Paige Pierce ESP Drive!


Here's what Discraft have to say about the Paige Pierce First Run Drive:

The Discraft Drive is that classic 11-Speed driver that is going to slot into a variety of bags from pros to amateurs.  With a balance of precision and glide, the Drive slots between the Zeus and the Surge SS. 


Whether you’re driving down tight fairways or navigating the skies in open fields, the Prototype Drive offers a blend of control and power that will take your throws further.

Elevate your game with the Prototype Discraft Drive, the latest addition in Paige Pierce's lineup of discs!


If any of you have been loving the Scorch, but feel it's time to move on to something with a little more stability, the answer has come! The Drive is very similar to a scorch, with only a little less turn, and slightly more fade. 


If you fell in love with the Scorch as your first distance driver, chances are that one day you will fall out of love with it. As you gain power the Scorch with struggle to offer consistent distance drives, altering to a more understable flight path. No worries, just fall in love with the Discraft Drive!

Besides the Scorch the Prototype ESP Drive can also be compared to the Innova Wraith. We should all know what that means! A killer forehand driver, giving distance without compromising consistency. If you feel like your forehand game is just taking off you should be throwing a Paige Pierce Drive! 


The disc most similar to the Drive to date is Latitude 64's Grand Grace. If you've been hanging on for Discraft's version of the Grace it's now here in the ESP Drive!


Besides the exciting new mold, let's not forget that this is a Prototype Disc! You can expect these to fly off the shelves before they start flying off the tee pads! The Paige Pierce Prototype Drive is for sale above, order before they vanish faster than a disc that lands in the rough!


What flight will a beginner get from the Drive?

New disc golfers should consider starting with the Scorch before throwing the ESP Drive. The Scorch has a tad more glide and is more understable, making it ideal for beginners. If you're a beginner looking for a more overstable flight, then the Drive is a great choice!


What flight will an intermediate player get from this disc?

If you've ever thrown a Star Wraith pull back the memory. That will give a good idea of the flight path of a Drive. Great glide, plenty of turn, and a dependable fade are standout features!

It's also a great forehand driver for intermediate players!


How will the Drive fly for Advanced disc golfers?

When thrown with full power you can expect smooth and effortless hyzer flip turnovers. Put the brakes on a little and you'll be throwing effortless flex shots over 375 feet! Throw it on a big forehand hyzer to watch it flip up and achieve your distance record!


How far will the First Run Drive fly?

With great form, you can expect this disc to reach measurements over 500 feet! If you're not at that level of play yet, you'll still be delighted with the effortless distance offered by the Drive!


Flight Ratings: Speed 11, Glide 5, -1, Fade 2, Stability 1.6


About the plastic: ESP plastic is a high performance plastic excellent for both beginners and pros. It has a great amount of both grip and durability. It will gently beat-in over time. Initially it starts off closer to Star plastic from Innova, but a bit more stiff. These are some of the swirliest and most beautiful discs on the market that just seem to get better and better the more you throw them!

Discraft - Paige Pierce First Run ESP - Drive

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