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Introducing the 2023 Captain's Raptor - a testament to precision and performance. Celebrating Discraft’s Co-Captain and Icon Team Member, Paul Ulibarri, this disc is crafted in the fan favorite JB Z FLX blend. This plastic combination promises an unmatched grip and resilience, perfect for both seasoned players and newcomers into the sport.


Whether you're aiming for flex shots, sidearms, or driving into the wind, the Captain's Raptor ensures confidence in every throw. As a collaboration between Paul Ulibarri and Discraft, this disc not only embodies design excellence but also stands as a symbol of commitment to enhancing the sport. Add the 2023 Captain's Raptor to your collection and experience a disc that's set to redefine disc standards.


Just a reminder that this is a Limited Edition, Annual Release. We will not be able to order these in again from Discraft until the end of 2024. Once they are gone, that's it until the following year.  


Flight Ratings: Speed 9, Glide 3, Turn 1, Fade 4, Stability 2.4


About the plastic: For the past two years, our JB Z FLX plastic has been the talk of the town. Featured at numerous tournaments and in limited special runs, it has been hailed for its unique feel and performance. This year, for the very first time, we're introducing the Captain’s Raptor in this highly sought-after plastic blend. A unique opportunity not to be missed!

Discraft - Paul Ulibarri Jawbreaker Z Flex - Captain's Raptor

$24.99 Regular Price
$21.99Sale Price
  • Colors will vary! Jawbreaker Z flex has numerous variations

  • Website provider only lets us post so many photos per item. If you disc does not show and you want a better look. Please email us and we will email you a direct photo of that particular disc. 

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