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Unleash the power of the Thrasher with our new Ti plastic blend, featuring a tacky grip that provides unmatched control and confidence. Designed for players who crave distance and precision, the Ti Thrasher offers a perfect balance of speed and glide.


The improved grip ensures consistent release and superior handling, allowing you to push your throws to new limits with accuracy.The Thrasher is a high speed driver with an easy going turn for maximum distance at lower arm speeds. With the same flight ratings as the Hades, the Trasher is still known as the more understable of the two, providing long range distance for minimum effort.


Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 2, Stability 0.4


About the plastic: This is the new blend of Ti plastic that is a fresh blend, extra tacky and swirly, released in mid-2024. Titanium plastic is super durable, stylish, and overall creates some amazing discs. Discs in this plastic are also more stable and give you a great grip on the disc. It has a kind of metallic-sheen to it, making it look really unique! The excellent durability means that these discs will last longer than most other plastics and keep the same flight path.

Discraft - Titanium Swirl - Thrasher

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