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Make your holidays shine a lot brighter with the Innova Glow Champion Rollo – the gift that keeps giving with beautiful and easy roller shots.


How this batch of Glow Champion Rollo feels: Flat. Excellent Glow Champ grip.


More about the stamp: Move over Rudolph, it’s time for someone new to lead Santa’s sleigh … our Rollo hedgehog, which as you can see does the job of nine reindeer on its very own.

With this disc in hand, long winter nights won’t seem dreary, but merry and bright.


More about the Rollo: Gone are the days of waiting to break-in that perfect understable disc. Just put some pop on a flat release and sure enough, The Rollo dives into a roll as advertised. Add some hyzer on it and, poof, you’ve got instant hyzer flips. If you’ve struggled to find a late turning disc, this could be it. Just apply ample hzyer and you’re golden.


Flight Numbers: 5 | 6 | -4 | 1

Innova - Glow - Rollo

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